Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fooooood: Boston

I Looooooooove great restaurants.
Here are a few in the boston area that top my list:

Oishi- Probably the best sushi rolls and presentations I have seen. Great environment.
Cambridge 1- Yummy thin crust pizza, salads, and wines. Interior designed by some GSD kids.
Helmands- Great Afganistan food!!! Dishes I have never herd of, but taste incredible.
East Coast Grill- Great lively environment and seafood. Also some great BBQ.
Bob and Timmys- By far my favorite pizza. Thin, simple, lots of selection, great environment, and a hidden gem. Providence, RI
Cuchi Cuchi- Tapas, Tapas, Sangria...a bit pricy, but interesting space.
Koreana- Yummy BBQ and a variety of other Korean dishes. Great space for a group of friends to relax and have fun.
Enormous Room- This is more of a lounge, with a bar, and a few simple, but delightly dishes. Lively music and large rugs to lay down on make this a hotspot for college kids.
Craige Street Bistro- Unbelievable food with wine combinations and a cozy environment. Be prepared to pay a bit more here.
Tamarind Bay- Spice, Spice, Spice.....a refreshing and cozy space with great indian food.

BostonChefs- a great resource of Boston area restaurants. Has pictures, menus, etc.

A few I have not tried, but am craving to go:

BlueGinger (chef Ming, an Iron Chef)
Oleana- Many people say this is the best!
Dali's- Fun tapas, spicy environment!
Spire - Fancy, Bold, pricey.
Midwest Grill- Brazillian BBQ


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